2 Green Dragon Yard    Tel: 01423 860505

Do you remember as a child, going to your local corner shop for your favourite sweets and spending your pocket money? If you’re too old for pocket money, you can still enjoy your favourite sweets, but a few more pennies would be needed.


We would love to see you in our traditional sweet shop in the Historic Market Town of Knaresborough. Once you step through the door, you’ll be amazed at how much we have to offer. With over 300 jars of traditional, old fashioned, retro, sugar free, cough sweets, fizzy, jelly, liquorice (English, Spanish and Dutch), mints, chocolate, BonBons, Millions, Lions, fudge, nougat, toffee and lots more. We love sweets and want to share our enthusiasm and passion with everybody, but if you can’t pay us a visit, then have a look through our selection online and fill your basket with all your favourite sweets or make that special person in your life very happy with a gift of their favourite sweets.


You can choose whether you would like the sweets in Candy Striped Bag, Clear Cellophane Bag or Cone (fastened with a coloured tie), Tamper Evident Tubs or Clear Plastic Cubes tied with a bow or not. Please state at the end once you have made your selection and placed them in your basket.


Opening times:

Monday - Friday 10am - 3pm

Saturday 10am - 4pm


FaceBook: @theBeanery15